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Earn Income as a Sky Feather Lead-Getter

Connect us to our future partners, from anywhere, anytime and make money from your phone. Nothing to purchase, nobody to recruit, prequalified leads, and easy one-on-one training.

Stop the gigs, start earning.

You join the supportive lead getter community and we coach you 1-on-1 on how to perform outreach. Sky Feather provides you leads, the scripts, the criteria, everything! These potential partners need help with their businesses, you are there to be the hero. 


You connect with a potential partner, give them a free guide from Sky Feather on how to make their business run better. You follow up after they've read it, and offer the program to help their business. Only one price, one package, you don't push any product, and you don't pay for anything, there's no guesswork!

Get Paid!

Once they purchase the package, you get a direct split from the profit! You tap directly into our earnings and it's all paid at once, on day one, immediately in your bank account. It's that simple, you set your own hours, and location for working.

How Does It Work?

You'd Earn $400

After 25 hours of work per/week:

Uber: $500 (gross) - $100 (expenses) = $400

Doordash: $450 (gross) - $90 (expenses) = $360

  • Penny Pinching: Driving around town for hours and what do you get? Enough to maybe fill your tank and grab a value meal. Not exactly hitting the jackpot.

  • The Daily Bumper-to-Bumper: Enjoy traffic? Hope so, because you're going to be best friends with every brake light in the city.

  • Car's Taking a Beating: Your ride's going to rack up miles faster than a space shuttle, and it's not heading to the moon. It's heading to the mechanic. Again.

  • Surge? More Like Purge: Chasing those surge prices feels a lot like a wild goose chase, except the goose often wins, and you're left wondering why you started running in the first place.

You'd Earn $2,100 + No Income Cap

Old School Gig Economy

Sky Feather Lead Getter

After an average of 3-4 hours of work per/week:

With 3 sales at $700 per partner sign-up, your total earnings would be 3 × $700 = $2,100 (that's only for 6, half-hour long phone calls).

  • Big Bucks, No Whammies: Every call you make could be a goldmine! You'll get exclusive access to monthly cash-bonuses for top performers as well.

  • Your Couch, Your Castle: Forget the daily grind of commuting. Make those dollars while wearing your favorite PJs. Comfort is king, and your living room is your kingdom.

  • Be the Boss of Your Time: Want to work in the quiet of the early morning or the peace of late night? It's all good. You do you and set your own clock.

  • No Carpal Tunnel from Steering Wheels: Say goodbye to the endless hours gripping that wheel. Your only workout will be high-fiving yourself for those sweet deals.

How Much Can I Earn?

What You Need

  • Fluent English speaking abilities

  • Smartphone

  • Webcam (only for training)

  • Tablet, laptop or desktop

  • Internet access

What You Get

  • ​No minimums or maximums, you work when you want, where you want

  • Access to the lead getters supportive community.

  • Direct support to the Sky Feather staff

  • Tips, and techniques to improve your skills and make more

  • 1-on-1 training for the program

  • Monthly cash bonuses for top performers

  • Help shape the future of Sky Feather with new offer crafting

Why We Do This

  • ​We want to empower and support community growth - you should feel like you're the hero in your journey

  • We help you learn new skills to take with you to your jobs, careers, life, and more

  • We believe that better work = you deserve more opportunities. We invest in our people

  • We don't like the 9-5 grind just as much as you, we want you to feel like your in control

  • We want you to succeed, we'll never sell you anything, or make you recruit anyone

Why Join & What Do I Need?

White Feather

Unlock Your Potential & Earn: Become a Sky Feather Lead Getter Now!

Get started by filling out the application form, and reach out to you with the next steps on how to begin your path to success!
Your experience and skills - check all that apply
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