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Lighthouse Coffee Roasters


Lighthouse Roasters, a locally-owned coffee roaster in Seattle since 1993, emphasizes the art and science of coffee roasting, consistently crafting fine specialty coffees in small batches. While they had ventured into eCommerce, the platform posed challenges for both customers and the internal team, yet their dedication remains evident in their premium beans, skilled baristas, and a unique cafe experience accentuated by the inviting aroma of on-site roasting.


+ 3000% increase in traffic
+ 250% order increase
+ 600% Increase in conversations from online booking
+ 200% increase in average orders


Pain Points

Lighthouse Coffee Roasters grappled with an inadequate backend experience that hindered product modifications. They were constrained by a limited number of payment gateways, an absence of financing options, and an underdeveloped subscription model. The mobile browsing experience was less than optimal, and the overall operations were so intricate that it necessitated frequent re-engagement of web designers for elementary changes.


Customers expect diverse payment options for a quick checkout and additionally it's highlighted the opportunity in coffee as a consumable: the potential to boost recurring sales with attractive subscription discounts. Additionally, the ongoing costs and complexities of site redesigns underscored the necessity for a platform that was intuitive and allowed for easy internal modifications. Addressing this, a shift from the outdated WordPress platform to a modernized one was initiated, seamlessly integrating recurrent subscriptions and empowering customers with self-management capabilities. Enhanced features, from SMS-based logins to an expansive suite of payment gateways like Metapay, Google Pay, and Apple Pay, were added. Metadata, richly detailing the coffee's origins, story, and flavor profiles, was interwoven to provide a transparent view into each offering. Comprehensive training ensured the team could adeptly navigate the revamped platform.


The entire transformation, addressing these critical challenges, was strategically aligned with marketing initiatives to generate buzz and optimize engagement during the site's relaunch. The revamp culminated in Lighthouse Coffee Roasters witnessing the highest sales day in their eCommerce history. The overheads and the time required to implement site changes were drastically reduced. Encouraging customer conversions became feasible with a 10% discount on recurring subscriptions, a new platform with enhanced user experience controls for subscriptions, and further conversions have occurred by the expanded payment options. Additionally, the mobile management capabilities for the staff were significantly enhanced.

Previous Experience

Enhanced Experience

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