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ELIRA Apparel


ELIRA Apparel, prioritizing quality and functionality, offers outdoor clothing designed for challenging environments. They continuously innovate, ensuring their products are durable and functional. With patented zipper technology, ELIRA addresses outdoor apparel needs uniquely. Partnered with Sky Feather Studios post their Kickstarter launch, they've repositioned their brand, enhancing customer experience and refining sales and pre-order processes.


+ 160% increase in sales.
+ 140% rise in first-time customer visits.
+ 75% surge in the usage of payment gateways, enhancing the speed and ease of checkout.
+ 41% growth in site sessions.


Pain Points

ELIRA targets a premium niche market with its unique products. However, its web interface didn’t match modern consumer expectations. Oriented towards a conventional customer base, it indirectly competed with sectors like outdoor gear. A shift to targeting working professionals, high-end enthusiasts, and businesses aligned better with their offering. The previous setup had limited payment methods, lacked account management, no affiliate programs, and was challenging to navigate.


To meet ELIRA’s Direct-To-Consumer and premium pricing model, their online store underwent a transformation. It now features captivating video elements, diverse payment gateways, account management, an affiliate system, and exclusive discounts for EMS, military, and other professionals. They can now offer pay-in-4 financing and a pre-order system due to inventory considerations. Their refreshed theme accentuates their brand story and product value proposition.


Leveraging ELIRA’s niche community appeal, the new affiliate marketing strategy has empowered its customers for mutual benefits. This has bolstered customer retention and expedited conversions. The new payment options, combined with financing, have mitigated the high pricing concerns. Enhanced video content showcases the product's durability and versatility, strengthening the brand's positioning. Overall, the refined market stance and infrastructure have amplified the site's usability and bolstered sales.

Previous Experience

Enhanced Experience

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