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Coffee Factory

Discover How Leading Coffee Roasters Are Using BrewTech to Overcome Their Biggest Challenges With Business, Marketing & Sales

Gain more time, customers, and freedom. See firsthand how our sales engine and transformation works for your roastery. Be One of the First 3 to Book a Demo Today — Don’t Miss Out!

How Does It Work?

We seamlessly integrate all your offerings—from coffee beans, merch to gift cards—into the platform and get it online. We handle everything, with no extra work on your part, ensuring your customers easily find what they want and keep coming back for more.

1. Launch

We transform your shop into a buzzing online and physical destination through the BrewPilot marketing framework. Our team implements these marketing strategies directly into your store to attract both foot traffic and online visitors.

2. Share

With everything set up, watch as sales increase, you get more free time, and more customers find you both at your physical location and online store. You own every improvement we make—no sales commission, no extra costs, no maintenance fees, just more revenue.

3. Earn

What Do You Get?

BrewTech Website Sales Engine

Sell Online Globally 24/7, 365

We set up and manage your a dedicated online sales engine, enabling your coffee to reach customers globally without requiring any tech expertise on your part. Your website shares your inventory with Google, Facebook, Etsy, TikTok, & more automatically! Our team handles all the details, ensuring your coffee is just a click away from coffee lovers everywhere, anytime.

Marketing Magic BrewPilot

Customers Coming To Your Store

We set up and manage auto pilot advertising campaigns, bringing more customers to both your physical and online stores. Our expert team designs and executes targeted ads that attract coffee lovers directly to your products, all without requiring any marketing expertise from you.

Auto Messaging Maker

Never Miss a Sale Again, Automagically

Keep your customers engaged and recover more sales with our automated messaging system. Whether it's reminding them about items they've left in their cart, checking out, or gathering feedback post-purchase, we handle all follow-ups to enhance customer satisfaction and increase your sales without extra effort on your part.

SEO BrewRank and Writer

Be Everywhere, Share Your Story

Improve your online visibility with a comprehensive auto-SEO service. We automatically find the most relevant keywords and continuously optimize your website, including performing weekly code updates and creating engaging blog posts to boost your ranking to the first page of search engines.

Merchandise Machine

Branded Merch at Zero Cost

Offer branded merchandise like mugs and T-shirts with zero inventory hassle. We manage everything from production to shipping, ensuring your custom merchandise is delivered directly to your customers’ doors, enhancing your brand's reach and recognition. You don't pay a cent and we handle the printing, shipping and inventory.

Super Subscription Portal

Turn Sales into Passive Income

Allow your customers to purchase coffee on a recurring basis through the easy-to-use subscription portal. They can manage their subscriptions seamlessly at anytime, giving them the flexibility to adjust their orders as needed, while you enjoy a steady and predictable stream of income. No need for phone calls or emails to assist customers on their subscription.

Referral Rewards Program

Turn Fans into Sales

Turn your happy customers into a motivated sales team with our simple referral program. When they refer new customers who make purchases, they receive rewards. This approach effectively expands your customer base by leveraging the trust and enthusiasm of your existing customers.

Wholesale Business Bridge

Wholesale Accounts Made Easy

We streamline your wholesale operations by managing orders and payments automatically, eliminating the need for checks and phone calls. This allows you to fulfill large orders with the same ease as typcial sales by providing your wholesale partners with the same retail shopping journey.

Seamless Sale & Gift Sync

Plays Nice with Your Point-of-Sale

Integrate your online sales with your existing point-of-sale systems like Square and Clover & sell giftcards that work both in-store and online. We ensure a unified approach to managing sales and inventory, making your operations smoother and allowing you to track everything in one centralized place, without the hassle of manual coordination.

Get a Behind the Scenes Look

See The Latest BrewTech Win

Lighthouse Roasters Success:
From zero to $400,000 in just 90 days, plus a steady $25,000 in monthly recurring revenue.

Eager to expand their reach, Lighthouse Roasters adopted the BrewTech Masterclass, resulting $400,000 of sales from the new website in 90 days. This success was driven by their online overhaul and targeted marketing, which effectively broadened their customer base and enhanced operational efficiency, allowing them to concentrate on their passion for coffee craftsmanship. Not only that, but now they have a consistent $25,000 per/month in ongoing subscription revenue from their customers.

Does This Sound Like You?

❌ Inconsistent Work

Sometimes you're overworked, or maybe you're underworked. You feel that you don't have enough staff for the good times and too much staff for the bad times, but either way, it's inconsistent and too unpredictable.

❌ Stuck Only Local

You might be incredibly popular in your local community, but you feel like you cannot break free from your ZIP code and get customers from farther away or you might dream of opening another location. It's tough to find more customers or keep them.

❌ You Can't Help Others

You've got the hardware, space, employees, etc. but you want to help your friends, family, community and more, but you can't find the pathway to success. You want a way out to support the things that matter to you

❌ You Want More Traffic

You'll see other businesses in your area that are popular, getting traffic, followers who become fans, but you can't figure out why. You know what you offer is good, but why don't they come to visit you?

❌ You Feel "Behind the Times"

You're noticing in an on-demand world with Amazon, Starbucks, Uber, or maybe even your competition that they are much more tech-savvy, with easy to buy websites, but you yourself aren't a tech-expert.

❌ You Wish It Was Easier

​At the end of a hard work day - you simply wish things were easier. Maybe you want to be bigger, or maybe you want it to be simpler, but you still wish that running your business was just easier too.

How We Can Help You

​✅ Share Your Passion to Many

​Go beyond your local neighbourhood and share your passion with the world. Your customer base is now beyond the neighboorhood and you can still keep your current customers even if they move or want to share your products with their friends and family.

​✅ Live the Life You've Always Wanted

Winning looks different for everyone, but one thing is for sure, we want to empower you to live the life you want. More revenue means more freedom: more staff, more community support, more vacations, or even more locations.

​✅ Stop Stessing About Work-Life

Imagine how much simpler life would be with multiple passive income streams launched for you, at once and more free time.  You'd stop sweating the small stuff and start helping others in your community, business, friends, and family.

​✅ Zero-Risk Guarantee

We give you a better work-life balance, and a fresh business perspective. Our program is so successful, that we want you to start earning and succeeding in record time. If you don't recoup your investment within 90 days, we'll continue to work for FREE until you do. ​

​✅ You Own It, Forever

Our partnership means no gotchas. Once we complete the program we're not here to hold you under a hefty contract, we never lock you into a monthly contract for any maintenance, or take any of your sales - you own everything, forever!

​✅ We Stick Around

We want you to feel empowered and incontrol. You get 1-on-1 training. Plus, you'll get complimentary consulting forever and we include a no-tech knowledge needed FREE guide to running ads and social media so you stay ahead.

Keep Going Solo

  • Time Consuming: Managing everything on your own means less time for what you love, as you're caught up in the day-to-day operations.

  • Limited Reach: Without an effective online presence, it's harder for new customers to find you, limiting your growth potential.

  • Visibility Issues: Without professional search engine optimization (SEO), your business might not show up in online searches, missing out on potential customers.

  • Marketing Struggles: Trying to market your business by yourself can be overwhelming and might not bring the desired results.

  • Missed Opportunities: Without a referral program, you're missing out on an easy way to get your satisfied customers to help bring in more business.

  • Inventory Risks: Managing merchandise on your own means dealing with upfront costs and risks of unsold stock.

  • High Shipping Costs: Without established partnerships, you might end up paying more for shipping, affecting your profits.

  • Inconsistent Sales: Lacking a subscription model can lead to unpredictable sales and revenue fluctuations.

  • Lack of Support: Going it alone means you miss out on expert advice and continuous support that could help alleviate stress and improve your business operations.

Stressing About The Business & Making Less

Partering with BrewTech

  • Efficiency: Transform your business into a self-running operation in just 30 days, allowing you more personal time.

  • Website: We’ll build an online shop for you that sells your products around the clock without any extra effort from you.

  • SEO: Improve your website's visibility on search engines like Google for a whole year, at no extra cost. This helps more people find your products online easily.

  • Marketing: We'll increase your visibility and attract more customers to both your physical and online locations.

  • Referrals: Set up a simple program where your satisfied customers can easily refer others, boosting your customer base.

  • Merchandise: Offer items like mugs and T-shirts without paying for inventory or upfront costs. We handle all aspects, including production and shipping.

  • Shipping: Get discounted rates up to 88% off shipping through our partnerships with major carriers like UPS and USPS, making it cost-effective to send products to your customers.

  • Subscriptions: Establish a regular sales system where customers receive your products on a schedule, ensuring consistent income.

  • Support: Continuous assistance and training from our team to ensure your business thrives without any stress on your part.

Focusing on What You Want & Making More

How to Get Started & Learn the Next Steps

Value: $15,000

90-Day FREE Work Guarantee

Until June 15th:
Priority Access for 3 Roasters
Pay Just $329 to Begin
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