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BrewTech Masterclass: Get More Money, Time and Customers For Doing Less Work

Imagine a world where you have more time, revenue, and customers who share your passion for coffee. In 30-days we take the hard stuff off your sholders and build an online sales engine that get's more customers into your store and online.

You partner with BrewTech, and we take the weight off your sholders to make your sales, and operations easier, so you can focus on your passion. It's all about giving you the freedom to focus on your coffee, while we sweat the small stuff. 


In 30 days you won't recognize your business—in a good way. You take it easy, roast some beans, and dream up the next great blend, while we build out a digital sales engine for your roastery with a new web store, payment processors, marketing, and more.

Grow & Earn!

We setup your marketing and tools to get more people into your store in-person and online. With everything in place, you'll see sales climb, all without lifting a finger. If you don't recoup your investment in 90-days, we work for free until you do. You also own everything, forever, with no maintenance fees.

How Does It Work?

❌ Inconsistent Work

Sometimes you're overworked, or maybe you're underworked. You feel that you don't have enough staff for the good times and too much staff for the bad times, but either way, it's inconsistent and too unpredictable.

❌ Stuck Only Local

You might be incredibly popular in your local community, but you feel like you cannot break free from your ZIP code and get customers from farther away or you might dream of opening another location. It's tough to find more customers or keep them.

❌ You Can't Help Others

You've got the hardware, space, employees, etc. but you want to help your friends, family, community and more, but you can't find the pathway to success. You want a way out to support the things that matter to you

❌ You Want More Traffic

You'll see other businesses in your area that are popular, getting traffic, followers who become fans, but you can't figure out why. You know what you offer is good, but why don't they come to visit you?

❌ You Feel "Behind the Times"

You're noticing in an on-demand world with Amazon, Starbucks, Uber, or maybe even your competition that they are much more tech-savvy, with easy to buy websites, but you yourself aren't a tech-expert.

❌ You Wish It Was Easier

​At the end of a hard work day - you simply wish things were easier. Maybe you want to be bigger, or maybe you want it to be simpler, but you still wish that running your business was just easier too.

Does This Sound Like You?

​✅ Share Your Passion to Many

​Go beyond your local neighbourhood and share your passion with the world. Your customer base is now beyond the neighboorhood and you can still keep your current customers even if they move or want to share your products with their friends and family.

​✅ Live the Life You've Always Wanted

Winning looks different for everyone, but one thing is for sure, we want to empower you to live the life you want. More revenue means more freedom: more staff, more community support, more vacations, or even more locations.

​✅ Stop Stessing About Work-Life

Imagine how much simpler life would be with multiple passive income streams launched for you, at once. This would mean more customers in-store and online. You'd stop sweating the small stuff and start helping others in your community, business, friends and family.

​✅ Zero-Risk Guarantee

We give you a better work-life balance, and a fresh business perspective. Our program is so successful, that we want you to start earning and succeeding in record time. If you don't recoup your investment within 90 days, we'll continue to work for FREE until you do. ​

​✅ You Own It, Forever

Our partnership means no gotchas. Once we complete the program we're not here to hold you under a hefty contract, we never lock you into a monthly contract for any maintenance, or take any of your sales - you own everything, forever!

​✅ We Stick Around

We want you to feel empowered and incontrol. You get 1-on-1 training. Plus, you'll get complimentary consulting forever and we include a no-tech knowledge needed FREE guide to running ads and social media so you stay ahead.

Let's Make Life Easier

Lighthouse Roasters Success:
$0 to $400,000 in 90-days

Eager to expand their reach, Lighthouse Roasters adopted the BrewTech Masterclass, resulting $400,000 of sales from the new website in 90 days. This success was driven by their online overhaul and targeted marketing, which effectively broadened their customer base and enhanced operational efficiency, allowing them to concentrate on their passion for coffee craftsmanship. Not only that, but now they have a consistent $25,000 per/month in ongoing subscription revenue from their customers.

See the Results In Action

Stressing About The Business & Making Less

You keep stressing about running your business, and you keep thinking about how to share your passion, how to grow your community, how to make rent, payroll, or even paying yourself, on your own you're stuck with:

  • Brick-and-Mortar Blues: You've invested everything into your physical location and/or hardware, but the foot traffic or word-of-mouth just isn't enough. You might stand out as a local gem, yet you can't help feeling like there's a whole world of coffee lovers just out of reach.

  • Digital Drought: The idea of expanding online is as daunting as a rush hour without an espresso machine. Where do you even start when your day-to-day is already packed with the tangible tasks of running a shop?

  • Marketing Mix-ups: You're great at face-to-face interactions, recommending the perfect blend, but digital marketing? That's like asking a barista to bake the pastries—it's just not your cup of coffee.

  • Merchandise Muddle: Those shelves of branded gear were supposed to be your ticket to extra revenue, but they're just gathering dust, turning your cozy café into a cramped closet.

  • Single Stream Stress: You know diversifying income is key, but your current setup has you locked into sales that only happen when the door chimes, and you're limited to your ZIP code.

  • Community Cravings: Your café buzzes with community spirit, yet translating that warmth and connection to the online world feels like a puzzle with missing pieces.

Focusing on What You Want & Making More

Keep Going Solo

Partering with BrewTech

We partner together, and in 30 days we transform your business into an automated sales engine, with you making more for doing less. This means you get a complete proven strategy to earn more without the risk of trial and error:

  • Online Sales: Our team will transform and build a website that becomes a 24/7, 365 automated sales engine for your roastery

  • Proven Marketing: We launch ad campaigns that attract more people to your business and website.

  • Customers Get You More Customers: Create an affiliate marketing program, turning customers into promoters who get you more customers.

  • Sell Branded Gifts at Zero Cost: Sell merchandise like mugs, shirts, hats and more - with your logo, but zero inventory and storage fees—we handle shipping.

  • Better Shipping: Our partnerships with USPS and UPS allow you to ship for less. We help you reduce your shipping costs by up to 88%.

  • Predictable Revenue: We setup a subscription model for your products, customers don't put extra work to support you and you get automatic sales

  • More Money, Less Work: Introduce 5 new revenue streams with no effort required from you via elements like wholesale and gift cards.

  • Get Noticed and Rise Fast: We'll oversee all your website SEO and write a weekly blog post.

  • Foster Community: We build a social media group to foster community around your brand

    & more!

What Do I Get?

White Feather

​BrewTech Masterclass: Stop Stressing and Start Succeeding

Unleash Your Full Potential with Our Partnership Program – More Sales, Zero Hassle, Guaranteed Results, what are you waiting for!

Get Started with BrewTech Masterclass:

✅ 90-Day Success Guarantee: If you don't recoup your investment in 90 days, our services are free until they do.

✅ Forever Yours Assurance: Everything we create for you remains yours, forever, with no extra charges.

✅ Lifetime Support Commitment: Continuous training and consulting ensure your lasting success.

Roast More, Stress Less: BrewTech's Masterclass automates your sales, freeing you to focus on crafting the perfect roast without worrying about website traffic or sales conversions.

Connect with Coffee Lovers: Our targeted marketing campaigns are specifically designed for roasteries, ensuring your unique blends reach the enthusiasts who will appreciate them most.

Your Fans, Your Sales Force: We'll show you how to turn your loyal customers into a motivated sales team with an easy-to-manage affiliate program, spreading the word about your coffee far and wide.

Find Your Perfect Blend of Work and Life: With BrewTech, you'll not only see your business flourish but also enjoy a better work-life balance, giving you more time to savor the moments that matter.

If you're interested in partnering with BrewTech and making your life easier, making more money for less work and sharing your coffee with the world, fill out the form below and we'll connect with you for the next steps.

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