Our studio is centered around you and your needs as an individual or group. We seek to provide you with a comfortable and inviting environment if you choose to record in the studio where you can work at your peak. In-studio recording includes beverages, and snacks. Musicians rejoice with a full drum kit, 76-key weighted grand keyboard, a selection of acoustic and electric guitars, bass guitars and ukuleles all on-site. Get amazing quality with our staff ready to provide you with exceptional photography and videography either in-studio or on-site at your wedding, event, family outing or more. Our photography and videography services can be requested in any environment. Whether you've never recorded, been on camera, or don't quite have a clear vision, we are here to help make your dream a reality. 





We have a strong passion for all things audio and video.  We seek to be on the cutting edge of what the world can offer in media technology. The market has been changing over the last couple years and with it so is the way we consume media.  We are no longer bound to content on only TV and radio, and we service the needs of this changing market. We want to bring the ability to develop a clear and clean professional visual or audio project to the masses whether you'll be listening or viewing it on a smartphone, tablet, PC or VR headset. Sky Feather Studios has picked up and recorded a range of various local talents from genres ranging to metal to hip hop to indie. We also continually work with a range of visual projects from documentaries to event documentation to independent film. Whatever your project we seek to bring whatever we can to the table that will make your dream a reality.